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  • You market the products from the South!
    Improve your income and those of thousands of other person
    A new business model based on the principle of solidarity is born!
    Direct purchases from producers, sharing profit who everyone wins, Real time tracking tools, an integrated loyalty program
    All this and much more with insolidum
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  • You are a producer from de south?
    Discover how to sustainably improve your quality of life
    Are you a producer or in connection with producers, looking for a way to improve incomes.
    We designed a system whose main objective is to democratize fair trade and to provide
    producers with an effective way to improve their quality of life.
    Simple, efficient, transparent and inclusive, our approach is for you a new sustainable growth model.
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Producer from South

If you are a producer from the south, and read this now, you are about to change your life. Your productions may be marketed directly to buyers who recognize your efforts. Solidarity, transparency and effectiveness interest you? You simply have to create an account here to show that you want to be part of a new type of business and we will do the rest

Development Project / Cooperative / Enterprise

You are in a managerial position or commercial relationships or partnerships with small producers in the South. Improving their quality of life is a kind of goal you want to achieve! By subscribing here and providing the necessary information, we can plan with you a process that sustainably improve the producer quality of life and your too Register now and see how insolidum can improve your sales approach very quickly

Transformer / craftsman / retailer

You are looking for new supply sources of quality product. You would like to establish direct trade relations with Southern producers. You would like to have more transparency in trade relations. You believe in solidarity in Southnorth trading. Tell us your needs and interest for different types of products and we will find for you the right fair trade opportunities. Be a part of the change now !

We offer to our partners a very useful administration area to manage there orders
Recent Activities
  • Le producteur Haley Woods a livré 350 Kg de cerise de café.
  • Le producteur Teagan Gilbert a livré 290 Kg de cerise de café.
  • Le transformateur Lobortis Risus a livré 2 tonnes de café vert.
    1 jour
  • Le transformateur Urna Corporation a rejoint le reseaux insolidum.
    2 jour
  • Lila Booth est parti au voyage d'audit au Burundi.
    5 jours
  • Le producteur John Hurst a livré 356 Kg de cerise de café.
    6 jours
  • Un conteneur de café vert est arrivé au port de Halifax.
    7 jours
  • Nouveau cadeaux pour le programme de fidélisation.
    9 jours
  • Le producteur Gray Pruitt a livré 560 Kg de cerise de café.
    9 jours
  • Le torréfacteur Vitae Institute a rejoint le reseaux insolidum.
    2 jour
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