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Why Taking Part In INSOLIDUM.BIZ

For producers

Both independent producers and those associated with a group are eligible.

For producers, the platform will allow to develop new markets, increase their incomes and quality of life, participate in a transparent process of more equitable fair trade, open their production to the world and get recognition for the quality of their products.

For producers, the platform will allow to develop new markets, increase their incomes and quality of life, participate in a transparent process of more equitable fair trade, open their production to the world and get recognition for the quality of their products.

  • It agrees to be subjected to a characterization survey
  • It agrees to sell its production or part of its production to a primary transformer associated with the insolidum.biz platform

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For primary processors

The primary processor can be a producer group, a cooperative that performs primary processing, a nonprofit organization or a private company that regularly works with producers and transforms raw materials into a marketable product.

To become an approved primary processor, it is necessary:

  • To be able to provide a product that has achieved a certain level of processing and standardized quality and packaging (For example: loose green coffee or green/black tea, shea butter, dry cocoa beans or cocoa powder and butter);
  • To allow an independent investigation among producers;
  • To allow the use of data from the surveys to create statistics;
  • To use the management tools made available by the insolidum.biz platform;
  • Not to charge any fees to producers to take part in the platform;
  • To be able to redistribute the gains to the producer individually;
  • To be ready to have an auditor coming to ensure that the agreements are respected.

Cooperatives working with producers and transforming their production into marketable products can also be considered a primary processor, provided they can meet the requirements.

For workers' cooperatives that produce on land belonging to the cooperative, the capital gains will be distributed to workers and members of management according to principles and criteria to be defined.

The benefits of the platform for primary transformers are:

  • To enhance their visibility and that of their products;
  • To increase the number of purchase requests for their products;
  • To establish a durable bond with producers, who through them will receive a capital gain;
  • To sell their products more quickly and thus improve their cash flow and, if applicable, reduce bank charges;
  • To stand out from competitors by taking a greater social responsibility in their sector.

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For secondary processors

Secondary processors are necessarily industries (small, medium or large), or craftsmen who use primary processed products in their production (e.g. chocolate makers, manufacturers of cosmetics, transformers, pastry chefs, etc.) and are looking to improve their social and environmental impact in their field of intervention, which is looking to attract customers selecting products whose production takes into account the social value and a better sharing of the profits. For this purpose they are ready to:

  • Buy some of their product on the insolidum.biz platform
  • Accept the disclosure of information about the quantity and origin of the products bought on the platform
  • Retrocede a part of the income to the producer
  • Receive a auditor

In exchange for these obligations, they will have:

  • A new type of ever growing clientele
  • A marketing program based on social commitments and tools to demonstrate these commitments
  • A multi-stakeholder loyalty program

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For retailers

Retailers will mostly be independent banners that operate on local markets and are aware of the living conditions of producers. They are interested in products that meet the concerns of customers looking for products meeting their convictions in terms of social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

With the insolidum.biz platform, retail traders:

  • Can easily find products that meet the expectations of a growing customer base;
  • Have access to a high quality loyalty system and are instantly integrated into a vast network that will grow exponentially, where they will be able to find new customers as well as new products and suppliers;
  • Can stand out from competitors by offering products with unrivalled traceability;
  • Will have access to a commercial and solidarity marketing platform.

However, to access the network and the services, retailers will have to accept that their purchases (product type and quantity) made on the insolidum.biz network be public and be a part of the traceability system.

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For consumers

Consumers that are attracted by a greater knowledge of the production processes and of producers will be able to find on the insolidum.biz platform information and videos about the production processes. They will be able to query the database to get different statistics on the declared incomes and assets of associate producers and their production marketed via insolidum.biz

The platform will also provide consumers with many benefits such as the ability to verify the origin of products purchased and to have information on the producer group at the origin of productions.

A loyalty program is also available to consumers. This program will allow them to earn points for their purchases on the network, enabling them to get free products at any participating retailer.

Insolidum.biz also relies on consumers to perform the controls (audits) of the platform's performance, including retrocession of the gains to the producer, which is the primary objective of the system. The loyalty program will select, with a random draw, people among those who have reached a minimum of points accumulated, which will go conduct the audit to producers. Travel costs and logistics will be borne by the platform. There will be 2 auditors per site and they will have access to all the data related to the country and will select the elements and subjects of audits that seem to be the most relevant.

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