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Our Vision

Solidarity in trade as the driving force of change

The current process of aid to development, based mainly on economic criteria, obviously creates dependence, leading populations in a spiral of impoverishment, increasing inequalities and destroying the possibilities of improving their quality of life and reducing the esteem they have of themselves and towards their rulers.

We observe the widespread rural exodus, the actions of southern rural populations to ensure their survival, the imputation of many environmental problems attributed to them. We notice that the ratios of power between buyers and producers are mostly to the producers' disadvantage.

We observe the clouded situation of international trade, the lack of transparency of many certifications related to fair trade and sustainable development. We notice the lack of traceability in these concepts and in the certification processes.

In parallel, we note a constant effort from consumers to get information about their purchase. The so-called 'organic, fair trade, local productio' products are becoming more and more part of the consumer's choice.

We believe in free initiative and trade as a driving force for social change, as a personal and community development means. We welcome the environmental approaches, but we know that the challenges and the definitions alike are different from one nation to another. We understand those who protect their lives, their families above all else. We have seen and experienced the huge disparity regarding income, quality of life and respect between nations, the social statuses, cultures and functions in the system that currently prevails.

As consumers, we experience every day the difficulty of making choices that respect our values, our needs for equity, responsibility and solidarity. Well aware of our advantage and the importance of our achievements and knowledge, we want to contribute to improving equity between producers and consumers. We will facilitate social and environmental responsibility. Enabling everyone to decide their level of contribution and solidarity towards individuals, families, communities that are at the origin of production systems, is our motivation. Making transparent what is opaque; drawing the reality of environmental and social commitments of stakeholders in the production lines, is our challenge. Enabling consumers to know the producers and the issues they are facing is our responsibility.

Changing the world one transaction at a time is our ambition!