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Here we present the succession of the next steps.

The action plan presented can be considered as the most pessimistic plan possible, because it does not take into account the likely results of the crowd funding campaign in regard to the networking of producers and coffee transformers. It only takes account of relationships already developed concerning the production of coffee and the primary processors. However, it is likely that the platform that will be available to everyone can very quickly develop fair trade networks, whether it is in the coffee sector or any other products based on the work force of small producers.

Planning Table
Actions Scheduled On Results
Launching of the website (1st version) January 2016 Promotion of the concept
Launching of crowd funding financing February 2016 Promotion of the concept, Optimization of the platform and expression of interest from potential actors of the future network
Website (2nd version) March 2016 Including the crowd funding campaign's results
Survey about the coffee producers of Burundi April to June 2016 Reaching critical mass of coffee producers
First coffee harvest from the producers May-July 2016 Getting marketable products
Sale of coffee on the network July 2016 First purchase contracts of the insolidum.biz trade
Website (3rd version) September 2016 Including the results of the first fair coffee trade campaign
First coffee processing (roasting) from the insolidum.biz trade October 2016 First end products from the insolidum.biz trade
Bringing together transformers and consumers identified by the crowd funding campaign October 2016 Start of the first insolidum.biz trade network
Distribution of the gains to producers December 2016 to March 2017 Producers get their gains individually in proportion of their production
Audit assignment with a producer May — June 2016 Simultaneously with the current year coffee harvest campaign in order for the auditors to see the entire production process
Website (4th version) August 2016 Including the results from audit performed by coffee consumers that participated and won the random draw.