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Social Financing

Failure Of The Crowd Funding Campaign

The fundraising campaign is a complete failure. No interest is shown by potential players, the requested funding is not reached.

Questioning about the quality of the fundraising campaign, the interest in the platform, the relevance of the concepts and the eventuality of a continuation or cessation of activities.

The process will be ticking over and the work plan will probably be put back for a year.

The socio-political crisis in Burundi continues

With our partner KAF-eh! We have established a partnership with Burundian organizations for the implementation of the first tests by investigating producers, training and equipping the primary processor (washing station) to activate the chain of traceability with the developed tools.

However, if the situation in Burundi, which is currently undergoing a socio-political crisis, is not rectified at the date of the investigation of producers, alternatives should be considered.

A new country and new networks of primary producers and processors will have to be contacted to successfully complete the testing of the platform in the coffee sector.

A contact has been made with a primary processor of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who works with a network of small producers. New contacts will have to be made with other countries and producers to allow more than one alternative.

The decision should be taken in February 2016 to determine whether or not the test will take place in Burundi.